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Dongguan Daryes intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is engaged in ultrasound technology research and development, application, production and sales in the integration of enterprises. Products are hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine series, ultrasonic cutting machine series, ultrasonic vibration nozzle series, the charger pin machine series, hardware series automatic feeding machine, non-standard customized products.

Big yue after ultrasonic on the market, favored by the majority of customers support and praise highly. Ultrasonic welding equipment with its convenient operation. Energy saving, environmental protection, has become a replacement of the traditional welding equipment. Suitable for shoes, clothing, farming, automobile, medical, electronics and other industries. And welding speed is quick, short curing time, good stability, no accessories, cost advantages, users convenient operation and so on many.

The trend of The Times, guangdong enjoy the future! Thank you for your support, we will continue to provide customers with excellent and thoughtful service, for ultrasound equipment research and development, for the majority of consumers face common energy-saving and efficient to make new greater contributions! Making big yue intelligent equipment co., LTD for your close cooperation partners. Street 29


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