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Installation and commissioning of ultrasonic plastic welder

Setup procedure:

1. The welder shall be placed on a solid, horizontal workbench. More than 150mm space should be left behind the machine to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

2, in order to ensure safe operation, the machine must be reliably grounded, the resistance to the ground must be less than 4 ohms.

3. Insert the two ends of the control wire into the rear three-pin socket of the welder respectively, and tighten the nut.

4. Put the selector switch in the manual position.

5. Lock the four screws to fix the ultrasonic vibration head, but do not exert too much force to avoid sliding teeth.

6. Wipe the contact surface between the upper welding die and the ultrasonic vibration head, engage with screws, and lock with random special wrench. The locking distance is 25 Newton/m.

7. Connect the air pipe of the external air source to the air filter of the welding machine.

8. Acoustic inspection procedure:


A. Before testing, the upper welding die and ultrasonic vibration head must be tightly locked, and the upper welding die must not touch the workpiece during testing.

B. Turn on the power switch, and the power indicator is on.

C. Open the door page of the side cover.

D. Press the selector switch to the acoustic detection position and observe the indicated value of the amplitude table. The acoustic detection switch should not be continuously pressed for more than 3 seconds at a time.

E. Turn the acoustic wave detection screw backwards and forwards so that the amplitude gauge pointer is at the lowest scale value. Note: THE AMPLITUDE GAUGE POINTER CAN BE ADJUSTED BELOW 1.2(OR 100) SCALE VALUE, AND ensure that the LOWEST scale position, the vibration system and vibration system of the welder has the best spectrum vibration.

[note] :
⒈ Adjusting the acoustic wave selection screw, the pointer of the amplitude meter will swing from side to side, but not the size of the power output, but only the resonance of the vibration system and vibration system. The smaller the indicating scale value, the better the resonance degree.

⒉ Amplitude table in the no-load vibration, the resonance degree, the load vibration, the output energy.

⒊ Acoustic inspection must be performed before welding to ensure that the vibration system is resonant with the vibration system.

It is important to do acoustic detection procedures after replacing the welding die.

When adjusted, if the overload indicator light shines, the sonic test button is immediately released, and about 1 second later, the sonic adjustment screw is turned to make the sonic selection adjustment.

Correct tuning is very important, if it can not be tuned to the normal state, can not achieve the sonic detection program no. 5 requirements, please send repairs, do not force to use, so as not to expand the fault.

Working pressure cannot exceed 5kg/cm.

Check the model procedure.

In ORDER TO ACHIEVE THE MAXIMUM ENERGY OF the MACHINE, the distance between the upper welding die and the workpiece should be shortened as far as possible, but the necessary distance should still be left for the placement and removal of the workpiece. The maximum stroke of the lifting platform is 75mm, so before the school die, the upper welding die will not touch the workpiece when the maximum stroke is determined.

A) Put the selector switch in the manual position and adjust the pressure adjusting knob so that the pressure gauge indicates about 0.2mpa (about the minimum pressure that can make the welding head rise).

B) Place the lower welding die on the working table, and then put the workpiece in the lower welding die.

C) Relax the locking rocker of the body, rotate the lifting hand wheel, make the distance between the upper welding die and the workpiece greater than 75mm, and tighten the locking rocker.

D) Press the two down buttons with both hands to lower the upper welding die.

E) Relax the four head fixing screws, rotate the upper welding die to match the workpiece, and then lock the four head fixing screws.

F) Loosen the stop screw and turn the stop screw (M12x1) to make it contact with the lifting platform. Press the emergency rise button to make the upper welding die rise, then rotate the stop screw for about 7mm.

G) Press the two down buttons with both hands to lower the upper welding die. Loosen the body locking rocker hand, rotate the lifting hand wheel, slowly lower the upper welding die, and move the lower welding die at the same time, so that the working face and the upper welding die contact and match evenly, and lock the body locking rocker hand.

H) Press the emergency rise button, make the welding head rise, rotate the stop screw, about 2mm down, the specific size depends on the workpiece, make the stop screw and lift out of contact during operation. However, when there is no workpiece in the lower welding die, the stop screw can prevent the upper welding die from touching the lower welding die and protect the parts from damage.

I) Fix the lower welding mold on the workbench with the screw pressure plate.

J) The above operation is the mold calibration step. More accurate calibration mold, must be in the welding test, while observing, while adjusting, carbon paper can be used between the workpiece and the upper welding, observe the upper welding mold pressure, the indentation displayed on the white paper, according to the depth of the indentation, with a thin gasket pad to adjust the bottom of the welding mold, so that the welding surface of the workpiece under uniform pressure.

K) orientation and horizontal adjustment method of welding head with plane adjustment screw :(the appearance is shown in figure)

Fold edit this section maintenance

1. The water in the air filter should be discharged in time before overflowing.

2. Every month the welding machine is in use, the sliding part should be wiped clean and re-coated with high quality lubricating grease.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use all kinds of flux when cleaning the side plate and surface of the welder. Neutral detergent should be used and gently rubbed.

4. Every six months, dry compressed air should be used to blow the dust in the machine.

Fold edit this section discriminating method

Common sense identification method:

1, look at the production of ultrasonic plastic welder time, generally speaking, the more experienced, the more sophisticated the relative technology.

2, look at the brand awareness, of course, the well-known are tested by the market, credibility is worthy of trust.

3, look at the production process of ultrasonic plastic welder, good production process can create more products


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