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How much do you know about the breakdown of the ultrasonic welding machine

Today to introduce the ultrasonic welding machine failure performance, causes and how to deal with.


Fault: After the machine is connected to the power supply, the power indicator light does not light, the fan in the vibration box can only rotate slowly, cannot achieve the effect of vibration, and the welding strength becomes weak.

Reasons: The voltage of the supplied power supply cannot reach the approved voltage, the machine is short circuit, the fuse is blown, and the power supply is not in good contact

Treatment method: check the voltage of the power supply, if not suitable for replacement, check the circuit, if the fuse is blown and replaced, check the power supply, so that it can be used normally.


Fault: The machine cannot work normally, but after checking the power supply, welding head and pressure, it is found that there is no problem

Reasons: circuit problems, emergency rise button poor contact.

Treatment method: check the circuit, maintenance; Check the emergency rise button for maintenance


Fault: Too much impact when the head goes up or down

Reason: the buffer is not adjusted properly; Buffer is locked, not opened; , falling too fast;

Handling method: adjust the buffer to the appropriate position, open the buffer device, adjust the falling speed to reach the appropriate value.


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