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How to solve the indentation left by ultrasonic welding

In the actual operation of ultrasonic welding machine, it is common to produce scars, joints or cracks on the surface of products. This is because when ultrasonic vibration is used for plastic products, the surface of the product is prone to scald, and for thin plastic columns or holes, it is also easy to crack, which is inevitable for ultrasonic machine work. Another aspect is the use of ultrasonic spot welders to repair some difficult-to-weld effects. So, how to do ultrasonic welding indentation? In this case, the power output (number of segments), fusion time, dynamic pressure and other coordination factors must be considered to overcome this job loss. Several solutions are summarized below:

1, reduce the pressure, reduce the delay time, reduce the fusion time.

2, the reference medium cover (such as PE bag).

3, die jig surface treatment (hardening or chrome plating). For easily cracked or broken products, the fixture should be made of buffer, such as soft resin or covered cork, etc. (this reference does not affect the weld strength).

These are the problems that ultrasonic welding machine needs to solve. Now there are a lot of equipment for ultrasonic work, such as ultrasonic spot welder, rotary welding machine, etc., which are good products in the welding machine. For ultrasonic welding machine, although there are certain advantages, but also need our attention is how to solve the product surface scars, how to avoid, in order to achieve the optimal welding effect.


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