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For "ultrasonic plastic welder" can work well

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is short for ultrasonic plastic welding machine. Ultrasonic plastic welder is the use of high frequency vibration wave transmission to the two plastic surface welding, under pressure, the two plastic surface friction, and the formation of plastic molecular layer between the fusion. (In the use of suitable workpiece and reasonable interface design, the product has watertight and airtight effect, but also avoid the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products, to achieve a good clean welding.)

So in the ultrasonic plastic welding machine before work, what are the factors we should pay attention to?

Plastic material must be the first to think of, because there will be different materials of plastic blending; Shape and size of plastic parts; Then is the design of contact surface, welding line and welding head; There are also strict requirements for the amplitude and pressure of the welding head; Distance between welding surface and welding head; Accuracy of mold calibration; Time parameter selection. There are also external reasons, such as the design of the base to support the temperature around the workpiece, mold base or fixture resistance.

The more such industrial machines can improve the efficiency of work and bring convenience, the more it is necessary to do all the preparatory work before the machine works.


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