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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine welding which kind of plastic material effect is better

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine welding which kind of plastic material effect is better

Many businesses will ask before buying ultrasonic plastic welder, whether the product is PP material, PS material or other plastic materials can be welded, how is the effect? That ultrasonic plastic welding machine welding which kind of plastic material effect is good? Let's break it down.

We know that welding produces a certain temperature. If the ultrasonic welding machine is used arbitrarily, the plastic will be deformed or damaged. So to consult whether the product material is suitable for welding, or do their own homework.

In general, materials such as Acetal, PPS, PS, PPO, PSF, PE, PC, PA can be used for ultrasonic welding. And like ABS, PS these two kinds of welding effect is better, choose such materials not only beautiful, but also can eliminate a lot of trouble in the later period, because:

1. Acetal material not only has strong tensile strength, but also has high compressive strength, especially wear resistance. Ultrasonic welding needs to increase vibration amplitude and prolong welding time. Due to low wear resistance, the material is mostly used for bearings, kitchenware, screws and rollers and other supporting parts.

2, some ester acid fabric is difficult to weld, because the receiving surface is not easy to absorb energy, ultrasonic welding vibration overheating is easy to local discoloration.

3, ABS material, phenylene copolymer, light weight, with origin, rigidity, impact resistance and chemical resistance, widely used. The material has good thermal conductivity and is suitable for ultrasonic welding machine.

4, PS material, polystyrene plastic, thermoplastic resin, the appearance of transparent bead or granular solid, water and chemical substances have strong corrosion resistance and insulation, suitable for extrusion or extrusion molding, more used in a variety of toys, decorations, washing equipment, lens and other products. High elastic coefficient of material, suitable for ultrasonic welding machine welding.

5, PMMA(acrylic) not only high hardness, impact resistance, and not affected by acid, high optical transparency, good color. When using ultrasonic welding machine, we should pay attention to brightness first. Commonly used in car taillights, instrument panels, MEDALS, faucet plastic handles, etc.

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